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How to Track a Cell Phone!

HOW TO TRACK A CELL PHONE FOR $69The majority of people these days own a Smart Phone of some description. Generally speaking tracking a Smart Phone or mobile device is extremely simple.
There are a number of cell phone tracker software applications (apps) available that allow you to not only track a cell phone but also gather a vast amount of information about how, and when, the device is being used.
Although there are lots of Cell phone tracker solutions we will give an overview of just one of these products (Easyspy) to illustrate how to track a cell phone and what kind of information you should be able to collect.
(Although the information we give relates specifically to Easyspy Cell Phone Tracker the procedure for installing and using software to track a cell phone is reasonably similar for many of the other cell phone tracker applications.)

How to Track a Cell Phone using Easyspy Cell Tracker!

Easyspy Cell tracker is a fully functioning cell phone tracker that is extremely easy to load and use. Unlike many of the cell phone tracker apps on the market Easyspy Cell Phone Tracker only requires a one off payment – There are NO MONTHLY CHARGES!!

Check for Compatability!

The first thing that you need to do is check that the Easyspy Cell Phone Tracker will work on the phone or device you want to track. To do this simply click on any of the links on this page to visit the Easyspy official website to see the full list of compatible devices.

How to Track a Cell Phone – Installing the App!

how to track a cell phone - cell tracker functionsOnce you have purchased Easyspy Cell Tracker you will receive an email that will give you step by step fully illustrated instructions on how to track a cell phone using Easyspy. The email will contain your download link, username, licence key and password.
In order to install the Easyspy Cell Phone Tracker you will need to get access to the target device. The applications are installed by simply typing the link information (that you received in your initial email) into the web browser of the target device. You then enter your licence key details and that is all that is required. The whole process should not take more than about 2 or 3 minutes to complete.
Once the application is installed you can monitor the target phone immediately by logging into your User Control Panel on your own laptop or device.

Track a cell phone if it is password protected or locked?

track a cell phone - get more informationAlthough it is preferable to be able to get access to the target you can very often still track a cell phone that is locked or password protected. When you buy Easyspy there is a ‘Bluetooth Scanner’ included with your purchase. The Bluetooth Scanner will (in most cases) allow you to gain the necessary access to the target phone remotely.

How to Track a Cell Phone – Will They Know They are Being Tracked?

The software runs in the ‘background’ of the target device and is not detectable by the user.

What Does it Cost to Track a Cell Phone?

The basic version of Easyspy sells at a cost of $49.99. The upgraded version of the software (known as Highster) sells for $69.99 which has all the basic features of Easyspy but also allows calls to and from the target device to be monitored and recorded .

How to Track a Cell Phone – What can I Monitor?

The software can be used on a number of different devices such as Android, iPhones, iPads and various makes of Tablet. The functions of the cell phone tracker that you can access vary slightly from device to device so it is advisable to visit the Easyspy Official website to check which functions you can access on the particular device you want to track.

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Track a Cell Phone – Uninstall the Software

Uninstalling your cell phone tracking software only takes a few seconds and can be carried out remotely from your own control panel.


HOW TO TRACK A CELL PHONE FOR $69Why would you want to track a cell phone?

With Easyspy you can easily track a cell phone and gather a lot of information about how (and where) the device is being used.

There are a number of reasons why you might want (or need) to track a cell phone.

Keep a watchful eye on your children!

track a cell phone belonging to your childrenThere are a lot of parents that track a cell phone that belongs to their children. This is sometimes done with the consent of the child and sometimes parents will track a cell phone covertly.

The world can be a dangerous place for children and teenagers.

Children grow up far more quickly than they used to do and demand far more freedom than previous generations. Much of a young person’s time is spent accessing the internet. Although the world wide web can be a fascinating place to explore it can also be potentially dangerous.

Track a cell phone to find out if your child is being bullied!

Bullying used to be something that occurred in the school yard at break times. The internet has now made it possible to bully someone online. Cyber bullying as it is called can be extremely distressing for the person being targeted. It can cause depression and anxiety and has (in extreme cases) caused the recipients to take their own lives.

Track a cell phone to find out who they are connecting with on social media and who is emailing and texting them!

track a cell phone - get more informationIt is relatively easy to create a whole new persona online. Children ‘make friends’ online all of the time. Their circle of ‘friends’ on social media networks like Facebook can amount to hundreds of people. They send and receive emails and text messages and give out lots of personal information online.
But are the people they are having contact with really who they say they are?

Track a cell phone to find out which websites your children are accessing!

Smart Phones and Tablets have full internet access. Anything that can be accessed on a computer can be accessed on a smart phone. It is however far more difficult to activate ‘parental control’ functions on a cell phone than on a home computer. When you track a cell phone with software like Easyspy you are able to see exactly which sites your child is visiting and exactly how long they have spent viewing the content.

Track a Cell Phone to Catch a Cheating Partner!

track a cell phone to catch a cheaterYou may be in a situation where you suspect your partner may be having an affair. All of the tell tale signs are there. They are spending much more time than usual ‘at the office’ working late. They are taking a lot more care about how they dress and are wearing more perfume (or aftershave) than usual.
You want to find out who they are talking to, who is sending them text messages and where they are going just to put your mind at rest.
Easyspy cell phone tracker (and similar apps) allow you to track a cell phone and monitor the traffic to and from the device. It will tell you where your partner is and let you monitor their movements. In fact it will enable you to carry out a full surveillance of the device.

Track a cell phone to Monitor your employees!

track a cell phone for businessIf you run a small business you might be concerned about who your employees are contacting. You might simply want to be sure of their whereabouts when they are out of the office.

Are they really with your client or are they simply taking the opportunity to visit the golf course?

Are your staff working or are they spending large amounts of their time sending personal emails, visiting social media sites or playing games online?

As an employer you have the right to know what is happening in your business and how your money is being spent. Tracking and monitoring your employees company smart phones can help to provide you with intelligence that could help you to run your business more efficiently and more cost effectively.

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Easyspy Cell Tracker Features



There are a number of cell tracking apps on the market. Many of them share similar basic functions but some are far more sophisticated (and more complicated to use) than others.

A large number of them require you to take out a monthly contract which can mean they are expensive to run.
Below I have listed the functions that are available from the Easyspy Cell Tracker package.

Easyspy is easy to install and use and requires a one off payment of only $69.99 (for the full Highster upgrade).

How to track a cell phone with Easyspy

If you decide that you want to track a cell phone you will want as many features as possible so that you can gather as much information as possible.

Easyspy cell tracker has an impressive array of features that are designed to be extremely easy to use.

Easyspy Features at a Glance:

Track a cell phone – GPS Feature

track a cell phone - gpsOne of the most used feature of any cell phone tracking software is the GPS Tracking Facility. When you Track a Cell phone with Easyspy the location of the device is displayed as a ‘pin’ location on Google Maps. The location can be updated as often as every five minutes if you wish to do so.

You need never worry about where your kids are ever again.

You do not have to wonder whether your sales representative is actually at the meeting he is supposed to be at. Tracking the location of a cell phone only takes a few minutes so no one can ever lie to you again about their whereabouts.

Track a cell Phone – Text Messages

track a cell phone -text messagesYou see people constantly ‘talking with their thumbs’.

But who are they texting and what are they saying?

Are your employees photographing business documents and then texting them to your competitors?

Is your wife/husband or partner exchanging personal messages with someone else while they are in the same room as you?

If you track a cell phone with Easyspy cell phone tracker you can read every message that was sent to and from the target device and save them to your control panel. You can read the full content of the message, see the number that the text was sent to/from and even see the date and time of the message.

Even if the call log is deleted on the target phone Easyspy is still able to log every message that is made or received.

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Track a Cell Phone – Call Recording

track a cell phone - call recordingYou can discreetly monitor and record every conversation that is made and received by the target phone. The recorded message includes the date and time of the conversation along with a full audio transcript of the conversation.

You need never worry about who your employees, kids or partner are talking to ever again. You simply have to activate Easyspy Cell Tracker and the information is at your finger tips.

Track a Cell Phone – Monitor Web activity

track a cell phone - wedsite logIf you are a parent there are definitely websites that you do not want your children to access. You might be concerned about the amount of time your partner is spending visiting online shopping sites. Maybe you think that your employees are spending large amounts of their day on online gaming sites.

Easy Spy Cell Tracker can easily monitor the web browsing activities of the target phone/device. You can get detailed information about which URLs have been visited, the time and date they were visited and the number of times the URL was visited.

Track a cell phone – Social networking Logs

track a cell phone - social networking logSocial networking is a large part of many people’s lives. They spend hours each day interacting with dozens of people all over the world. If they are not updating their facebook profile they are messaging on Twitter or some other such service.

If you track a cell phone with Easyspy you can record all of the activity from the target device to the main social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

You can now easily monitor all the social media activity you wish to.

Track a Cell Phone – Stealth Features

track a cell phone - stealth featureYour partner has called you to say they are having to stay late at the office. Your kids ring to say they are at a friend’s house doing homework. One of your employees says they are in a meeting with a client.

Do you believe them?

Now you can find out for sure where the target phone is located and also what is going on around the target phone.

Easyspy has a sophisticated stealth feature that enables you to remotely activate the microphone function of the target phone so as that you can listen in to everything that is going on ‘within earshot’ of the device.

On some devices it is also possible to also remotely activate the ‘stealth camera’ function and actually photograph or video the target phones surroundings.

The above is simply an overview of the Easyspy Cell Tracker functions.

Not all of the functions are available on every device so please check that the function you are looking for is available for your particular device.

Some of the functions are also not available with the basic Easyspy package but are available on the Highster upgrade package.

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Is Easyspy the right Cell Phone Tracker for me?

There is no definite answer to this!

HOW TO TRACK A CELL PHONE FOR $69There are lots of cell phone trackers on the market. In general terms most of these products perform very similar functions. So at the end of the day there are a number of cell phone trackers that would possibly be capable of providing the information you require. It is simply a question of buying the one that is right for you!

What should I be looking for in a Cell Phone Tracker?

  • If you want to track a cell phone the first thing you need to do is decide exactly what information you want to collect.
  • Secondly you need to make sure that the cell tracker that you are considering is compatible with the phone you want to track.
  • Thirdly it is important that the software is easy to install and use (there is little point buying an ‘all singing, all dancing’ product if it requires you to be some sort of computer genius in order to use it).
  • Lastly you want to track a cell phone without incurring a huge amount of costs.

Once you have made a list of what you want from your cell phone tracker you can then make a decision about which software you should buy.

How does Easyspy pro compare with other cell phone trackers?

how to track a cell phone - cell tracker functionsIn order to answer the question I have compared the functions that are available with Easyspy to the functions of another well known cell tracker ‘Stealthgenie’.

Although I have no first hand experience with Stealthgenie it is supposedly (according to the reviews I have read) a relatively sophisticated application so I am not in any way suggesting that it is an inferior product!

When you compare the advertised functions of Easyspy and Stealthgenie it becomes apparent that both of these cell phone trackers have very similar functions.

Both products will locate the target phone/device by means of a GPS tracker. Stealthgenie and Easyspy can both monitor email and text messages. Both of these cell phone trackers is capable of monitoring web site activity.

Easyspy (pro versions – Highster) and Stealthgenie allow remote access to the microphone and camera on the target device for covert surveillance of the phones location.

In fact most of the functions are identical for both products!

track a cell phone - get more informationWhy would I choose Easyspy if I want to track a cell phone?

As stated above Easyspy has a lot of characteristics that are very similar to its competitors.

The biggest difference between Easyspy and Stealthgenie (and many other cell phone trackers) is in the cost!

If you buy the Stealthgenie product you pay a monthly subscription to use the service. There is a scale of charges that range from $99.99 per annum to $199.99 per annum depending on the package you purchase (the options are basic, silver or platinum).

Easyspy pro (Highster) is sold for a one off payment of $69.99.

There are no annual subscriptions and no hidden costs. Just a one off payment of $69.99.

track a cell phone downloadFinal thoughts about Tracking a cell phone.

There are numerous situations that might arise that would make you consider using a cell phone tracker.
The main considerations if you want to track a cell phone are suitability (does it do what you require), ease of use and cost.

Easyspy cell phone tracker is a fully functioning cell phone tracker.

It has all of the functions (and more) that most people would ever need.

It is easy to install and use and is undetectable on the target device.

It is extremely competitively priced ($69.99 for the Highster version).

If you are serious about wanting to track a cell phone then Easyspy pro (Highster) is well worth investigating!

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