Paleo Diet

What is a Paleo Diet?

Humans have, in one form or another, populated the earth for somewhere around 200,000 years. For the vast majority of that time the majority of their diet consisted of foods that they either gathered (such as nuts, berries, plant leaves etc) or animals and seafoods that they hunted.

The Paleo Diet - Mushroom Salad

People who adopt a ‘Paleo Diet’ believe that in order for our body’s to be healthy we should attempt to get back to a simpler, more basic, form of diet. This is, after all, what our body’s were designed to consume and digest.
This is not to say that we should try and mimic exactly what our caveman ancestors ate! People who adopt the Paleo Diet do however believe that there are huge health benefits that can be gained by re-evaluating our eating habits.
Following a ‘Paleo Diet’ does require a certain amount of will power. Giving up the processed foods that your body has become accustomed to is not an easy thing to do. The long term benefits, however, are worth the effort. Once you have adapted to your new diet however you will begin to feel the benefits. You will feel far healthier and more alert than you have for many years.

Can a Paleo Diet Help Me To Lose Weight?

Although a Paleo Diet is not specifically designed for weight loss it can however be instrumental in helping you to reduce your weight. Bear in mind that to maintain your correct weight you need to maintain the balance between the amount of calories you consume and the amount of calories you burn off through exercise.

If you are overweight it is generally because you are consuming more calories than you require. When you adopt a Paleo Diet you know exactly what you are consuming. You are able to avoid all of the added sugars and saturated fats etc that are contained in processed foods. Many of these ‘hidden ingredients’ do in fact add significantly to your daily calorie intake without you necessarily realising it. This obviously can result in weight gain.

The Paleo Diet - egg and capsicum salad

Will a Paleo Diet make me Healthier?

The Paleo Diet is about optimising your overall health and wellnes and stabilising your metabolism. Research suggests that following the Paleo Diet can in fact significantly reduce the risk of numerous common place diseases and disorders associated with poor diet.

The Paleo Diet - Tasty Paleo Meals

Is a Paleo Diet Boring and Unappetising?

There are hundreds of appetising recipes that you can follow that are quick and easy to prepare. If you would like to see some of the recipes that are available click the link below.



If you suffer from an underactive thyroid it is quite possible that by simply changing your diet you could help to improve your quality of life dramatically.

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