What is Social Traffic Magnet?

Social Traffic Magnet is a new (or in this case) an updated traffic generation system by Paul Dunstan. In this overview of the product I will try to describe exactly what the product does and give my view as to whether you should consider using it.

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The Social Traffic Magnet

The Social Traffic Magnet attempts to address the biggest problem that virtually all website owner faces!

That problem is of course getting traffic to the site. It is an undeniable fact that if you have no traffic you will simply not make any sales!

The majority of people who publish a website do so in the hope of being able to make money from it. They look around for offers to promote in their chosen niche and sign up as an affiliate.

They produce a stunning site and add their affiliate link. They do some on page SEO and add a few back links and wait for the money to roll in!! Nothing happens!!

Google does not put the site on the first page of the organic search results and, as a result, there are simply no visitors.

At this point one of two things happen! You become disillusioned and simply give up completely or you look for other ways to get visitors to your site.

One of the avenues that most people turn to is ‘paid traffic’. This will almost certainly result in more visitors to your site. Unfortunately paid traffic comes in two flavours! The cheap click variety and the expensive click variety!

Cheap clicks will get you visitors but generally the traffic is not particularly targeted and will not result in a massive amount of sales.

The more you pay for clicks the more targeted the traffic is likely to be but the cost of getting the traffic is high.

You can actually find yourself in a situation whereby the income you generate from the sales you make does not cover the costs of getting the visitors.

You realize that, despite having visitors to your site, you are actually losing money

The answer is of course to find a source of free traffic.

This is what Social Traffic Magnet is designed to do!

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Social Traffic Magnet sends free highly targeted traffic from Facebook directly to your website!

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Is The Social Traffic Magnet Complicated?

Social Traffic Magnet is a method of getting visitors to your site without having to build backlinks or having to employ complicated SEO strategies.

Paul Dunstan says the with Social Traffic Magnet the results are almost instant. You do not have to wait for days (or even weeks) to see if the work you have put in is paying off. Best of all the Social Traffic Magnet only requires about 10 minutes a day to operate.

Will Using The Social Traffic Magnet Hurt My Website?

Mr Dunstan also states that if you are thinking that a system this easy has to be ‘black hat’ you would be wrong! The Social Traffic Magnet is completely ‘white hat’ and will not have any negative impact on your site.

Social Traffic Magnet is a unique traffic generating method that uses a ‘Piggy Backing’ technique that taps into huge amounts of social media traffic absolutely free of charge.

This is What The Author of Social Traffic Magnet has to say!

social_traffic_magnet is not black hat

Mr Dunstan states that The Social Traffic Magnet has the capability to send upwards of 1000 unique visitors to your site every single day of the week. This traffic is high quality, targeted traffic from people who are actively seeking the information that your website is able to offer.

The volume of traffic that The Social Traffic Magnet generates will also help to improve your rankings in Google.

How is the Training for Social Traffic Magnet Presented?

The training for the system is broken down into six easy to follow video modules. Each module of the training covers one aspect of the strategy only. Once you have watched, and understood, a module you simply move on to the next until you have watched all of the videos.

In addition to the training videos there are three additional modules that cover other aspects of free traffic generation that will help you.

The graphic below shows what is contained in each of the modules.


Who is Social Traffic Magnet Aimed At?

The Author believes that virtually everyone who wishes to increase traffic to their website will benefit from using the Social Traffic Magnet strategy.

He claims that the techniques discussed in the training modules can be used by established marketers but anyone new to traffic generation techniques will also be able to easily understand, and follow, the training videos


Social Traffic Magnet is being marketed as a way of generating free traffic from Facebook. The product is currently being relaunched (December 2016) it has been on the market for approximately one year. It is therefore basically an updated version of the original product.

There are lots of testimonials from people already using the earlier version and the majority of them seem to be extremely happy with the results they are getting using the system.


Social Traffic Magnet is an inexpensive product (under $7 at the time of writing) so the investment involved in trying it is very low.

The author is also demonstrating his faith in the product by offering a full, no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee.

All things considered it is difficult to find a reason not to try this! If it works for you then you will see an increase in traffic to your site. If you feel that the product does not deliver what it claims then it is simply a matter of asking for a refund. In other words a ‘win-win’ situation! What have you got to lose?


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